About Susan

With a refined eye and years of expertise, I have artfully captured the unfolding love stories of so many remarkable couples. From intimate exchanges to grand celebrations, each photograph details the essence of these beautiful connections.

Beyond the lens, you'll often catch me enjoying a good cup of coffee with my pup by my side. My easy-going nature makes it a breeze to connect, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for you. I keep up with the latest trends to bring a fresh and sophisticated touch to your wedding photos. 

Being able to provide not only photographs, but a positive and memorable experience for my clients during such a significant moment in their lives is something I hold dear to my heart.

My lens is ready for adventure wherever your love takes me.

Based along the coast of Virginia, but


I often think about the days my dad would be so committed to taking photos of me on his Kodak when I was little. Holding those prints in my hands years later, I felt a profound sense of nostalgia that brought back laughter, tears, and the warmth of shared moments. Through my own lens, I am able to gift my clients the same poignant experience, allowing them to step back into their own cherished moments. It’s about capturing the essense of these significant moments and turning them into timeless stories to be treasured.

IT ALL STARTED with a Kodak


I believe in tailoring the photography experience to reflect their individuality and love story. Each photo should tell a distinct story and resonate with the authentic essence of the individuals I am capturing.


I go beyond just being a photographer; I strive to connect with my clients on a personal level. Understanding their personalities, preferences, and the dynamics of their relationship helps me capture the true essence of their connection. 


I believe in portraying the complete spectrum of emotions, from moments of joyous laughter to heartfelt happy tears. By embracing this full range of emotions, I create a comprehensive and genuine portrayal of the day, allowing my clients to relive the richness of these  special moments for years to come.


Moments should unfold naturally. I try to encourage spontaneity as it adds a lively and authentic dimension to the photographs. Genuine moments of joy and connection often arise when people are allowed to be themselves without constraints.

Organic Moments

You will walk away with photos that act as journaled memoirs; ones that you can cherish and  relive forever. Being in front of a camera can give pause and uncertainty of what to do next - creating disingenuous moments and stiffness. I will guide you through the process with prompts that will naturally create the emotion and interactions that follow and encourage you to truly be yourself. Together, we'll bring out the true essence of your moments, ensuring they are beautifully preserved for generations to come.

When you work with me...

It's either '3 Nights' by Dominic Fike or 'Lovin On Me' by Jack Harlow

my go to karaoke song:

Friends, 90 day fiance, Loudermilk, and Jane the Virgin

my favorite shows right now:

To have my work featured in Vogue.

a big goal of mine:

In the mountains or woods, in my home, a cute coffee shop, or a rooftop bar with patio lights.

there's no place I'd rather be than:

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