documentary style photography that captures your love
as it is.

A photography collection crafted to document every stolen glance and tender moment on your big day. With  my attention to detail and dedication to storytelling, I'll transform every moment into a timeless work of art. 

Wedding Photography

turning memories into timeless treasures

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for intimate ceremonies

A collection that offers an intimate  experience tailored to your unique love story. From the secluded ceremony to the adventurous escapades, I'll capture every cherished moment with authenticity and artistry.

elopement Photography

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As a romantic who appreciates the candid moments, I focus on documenting both the intimate and joyous aspects of a wedding. Over the last few years, I have worked with countless couples and their loved ones to capture the essence of love and celebration. Nothing makes me happier than preserving those significant moments for others.

Building a strong relationship with my clients and knowing that I will be there for them creates a sense of trust and comfort. It allows for me to capture those spontaneous, authentic moments that often define the beauty of a wedding.

Hey there, i'm susan

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"Before I was even engaged, I saw Susan's work and knew one day she HAD to take my wedding photography!

Tiffany DeMeo Campbell

She is so incredibly talented and her work shows so much emotion. I just absolutely love her work! It truly is art! She is just the sweetest human you will meet! I highly recommend her for all of your photography needs!"

"Susan FEELS the session with you. That’s passion. My most recent session, she literally cried tears with me and kept shooting.

Rebecca Footman

 I have every heartfelt moment from that session saved in a little capsule in time."

"If you’re questioning if you should book with Susan, you should. We have nothing short of an amazing experience with her as our wedding photographer."

Veronica Pentecost